Kale Failure

It would have been pretty good,  if only I had  cooked it about 10 minutes longer.

Saute some onions and garlic  in olive oil,  which at least makes the house smell like there’s some serious cooking going on. Then throw in a bunch of chopped kale.  Add some vegetable or chicken stock, and a splash of soy sauce.  Simmer it for longer than you would any other reasonable vegetable.        I didn’t, and so I was the only one who ate  it.


1 comment June 18, 2009 asandner

Giving Chard A Chance

Swiss Chard is  a vegetable I usually ignore, and  probably wouldn’t order at a restaurant, even if it did appear on a menu.   This time,  those  rich,  lovely dark green leaves beckoned me, and I bought a bunch.  I am really curious to find out if I can disguise the bitter and pungeant nastiness with lots of garlic and olive oil.

I think I’ll try this simple stir fry:


Stay tuned!

5 comments June 10, 2009 asandner

Adventures With Asparagus

If you’re not thoroughly sick of asparagus yet…there’s something you can actually do with the stiff part of the stalks that get snapped off and thrown into the compost bin, or worse yet…the garbage.  http://www.kitchengardeners.org/2009/06/asparagus_soup.html

5 comments June 5, 2009 asandner

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